AEK Favored to Lift Cup Based on Prior History

AEK Favored to Lift Cup Based on Prior History

The Greek Cup Final is set for this Saturday, May 6th at the Panthessaliko stadium between the two Dikefaloi, PAOK and AEK, with the prior history favoring the Enosis.

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An exciting, well balanced match is expected to take place on May 6th between AEK and PAOK for this year’s Greek Cup Final. During the regular season, PAOK defeated AEK in Thessaloniki 1-0 while AEK recorded an astonishing 3-0 win in Athens on March 12th. However, PAOK were overall the better side in this year’s Greek Superleague currently sitting six points ahead of AEK in the standings (PAOK also began the season with a 3-point deduction).

When taking a look back into the Greek Cup’s history, specifically at two statistics, AEK are the clear favorites to win this year’s title. 

AEK and PAOK have met up in the Greek Cup final on three occasions with AEK having won all three encounters. However, the last time the two Dikefaloi met up in the Final was in 1983, which was 34 years ago where AEK prevailed 2-0. Below are the results of the three Greek Cup finals between AEK and PAOK.

  • 28th May 1939, AEK-PAOK: 2-1
  • 4th June 1978, AEK-PAOK: 2-0
  • 19th June 1983, AEK-PAOK: 2-0

Additionally, AEK eliminated Olympiacos in the semifinals of the competition which is a good omen for the Kitrinomavri. In the five times that AEK have eliminated the Erythrolefki in the Cup’s knockout stages, AEK have gone on to win the title each time with two of the finals being against PAOK. Below lists the five times AEK have knocked out Olympiacos in the Greek Cup.

  • 1977-78, Greek Cup Semi Final: AEK-Olympiacos:6-1
  • 1982-83, Greek Cup Quarter Final: AEK-Olympiacos: 2-1 & 1-0
  • 1995-96, Greek Cup Phase of “16”: AEK-Olympiacos: 3-1 & 1-1
  • 1996-97, Greek Cup Quarter Final: AEK-Olympiacos: 2-1 & 1-0
  • 1999-00, Greek Cup Quarter Final: AEK-Olympiacos: 1-1 & 3-0

However, all the above are fun facts and in no way can determine the outcome of the this year’s final. It remains to be seen on the pitch if AEK defend history or if PAOK will defy old statistics and win their first Title since 2003.

by: Dimitris Spiridakos
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