Antetokounmpo will miss Eurobasket, NBA & Bucks accused of suspicious activity

Antetokounmpo will miss Eurobasket, NBA & Bucks accused of suspicious activity

An unpleasant surprise hit the Ethniki on Saturday when Giannis Antetokounmpo announced his absence from the upcoming Eurobasket due to a sustained knee injury. The Greek Basketball Federation accused both the Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA for being the true reason behind Giannis’ absence.

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Earlier this afternoon, Giannis Antetokounmpo announced that he will not take part in the upcoming Eurobasket on his instagram post. His post, that was later deleted, included details about a knee injury that has been bothering him over the last month and has continued to worsen. 

The news, which came as a complete surprise to all (even the players), was not welcomed by the Greek Basketball Federation (EOK). The Federation quickly asked for Giannis’ MRI from the Bucks in order to have the tests evaluated, suspecting a shady plot from the Bucks and the NBA.

In their primary announcement, EOK did not hesitate to accuse both the Bucks and the NBA for forcing Gianni to make this decision, stating that it was their initial plan to prevent Giannis from taking part in the Eurobasket. 

However, no hints of a possible absence from the upcoming tournament were made from the Greek Freak himself, as Giannis accepted the call up to the national team, took part in the pre-Eurobasket training sessions, and was present at the presentation of the Ethniki’s new jerseys. 

Later Saturday, the Greek Federation’s General Secretary, Panagiotis Tsagronis, stated that Giannis’ MRI showed that no major injury took place that could cause him to miss the Eurobasket. He went on to accuse the Bucks for not letting the player participate with the national team and stated that FIBA will soon have the player’s MRI so they can evaluate as well. 

by Dimitris Spiridakos
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