Basket League playoffs to begin on May 16th

Basket League playoffs to begin on May 16th

The Greek Basket League playoffs, which will consist of eight teams, will tip-off on May 16th with the Finals series scheduled to begin in early June. 

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With one game remaining in the Greek Basket League regular season, the organizing committee announced the 2017/18 postseason schedule. The Basket league playoffs will consist of the top eight teams from the regular season and will begin on May 16th. 

The first round will be a best of three series and the teams will be paired based on their regular season rankings: 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5 with the higher ranked teams enjoying home court advantage. The semi-finals (second round) will see the winner of the 1v8 series matchup against the winner of 4v5 series while the winner of 2v7 will play the winner of 3v6. The semi-finals will be a best of five series and the higher ranked team will also enjoy home court advantage.

The much anticipated Finals series, which will decide this year’s league champion, will begin on Thursday June 7th. The two favorites to advance to the finals series are Panathinaikos and Olympiacos with the Greens, who have secured first place during the regular season, set to have home court advantage in the best of five series. 

by Sarantos Kaperonis
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