FIFA Could Dismantle Football League For Numerous Match Fixing Cases

FIFA Could Dismantle Greek Football League For Numerous Match Fixing Cases

Apart from the violent episodes that have stigmatized the recent Greek Cup final, suspicions of match fixing could mar the image of Greek Football even more. FIFA is set to take extreme measures which could see the abolishing of the Greek Football League.

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The Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) have been alerted that almost 50 matches have been flagged for possible “match fixing” this season in Greece. SportsRadar, a special software designed to detect suspicious bets linked to “odd” game results, has flagged numerous matches in Greece, especially in the Greek Football League (the Second Division). 

According to reports, SC Chania's name comes up the most and the club will undergo thorough investigation. It is unfortunate that compared to last year, the number of suspicious cases for match fixing have increased by 10-15%, a negative statistic for Greek football.

Ilias Arkoudis, member of the Professional Sports Committee, recently stated that cases of suspicious matches have started to pile up in the offices of the Committee. There are almost 50 cases just for the current season and many of them come from the Football League.

FIFA have been informed of the current situation at hand and are expected to take harsh measures if the accusations are true. According to reports, it is even possible that FIFA will take extreme action and dismantle the Football League, thus leaving the Super League as Greece’s only professional division.

by: Dimitris Spiridakos
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