Grammenos voted in as the new president of EPO

Grammenos voted in as the new president of EPO

Vaggelis Grammenos was elected as EPO’s new president defeating Giorgos Kalantzis in Friday’s elections.

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The president of EPS Makedonias received 48 votes while his opponent, Giorgos Kalantzis, received only 21 votes in today’s Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) presidential elections. Two ballots were left blank. 

It is the first time since the start of last season that the federation will have an administration derived from elections. Although the new administration is expected to take over right away, the formal induction as a body will take place the following week. 

Despite the elections, Greece will remain under FIFA’s surveillance through a three member committee that will monitor and make sure that the rules and regulations of the federation are upheld. FIFA has decided to intervene in Greek football due to many scandals and controversy on all levels over recent years.  

Following the announcement of his election, president Grammenos committed to a new era in Greek football stating that a new day has come for the sport in Greece and mentioned that all what needs to be done will be done to make that happen. Moreover, he stated that the committee sent by FIFA is here to supervise all procedures and not to exercise management. He went on to say that he thinks that FIFA’s committee will depart sooner that expected.

Finally, the members of EPO met earlier today to elect the new board of directors. Below is the full list of the Hellenic Football Federation’s board of directors:

Panagiotis Dimitriou (president of EPS Athinon/ 51 votes)
Asterios Antoniou (president of EPS Pellas/ 50 votes)
Konstantinos Vrakas (president of EPS Epiru/ 50 votes)
Dimosthenis Kouptsidis (president of EPS Grevenon/ 50 votes)
Nikolaos Vakalis (president of EPS Samou/ 49 votes)
Panagiotis Diakofotis (president of EPS Dodekanisou/ 48 votes)
Periklis Laskarakis (president of EPS Thessalias/ 48 votes)
Panagiotis Papachristos (president of EPS Aitoloakarnanias/ 48 votes)
Stavros Psaropoulos (president of EPS Lesvos/ 48 votes)
Giorgos Chatzisaroglou (president of EPS Dramas/ 48 votes)
Leonidas Thomaidis (president of EPS Athinon/ 47 votes)

by Dimitris Spiridakos
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