Moledo Holds Positive Talks With Panthinaikos

Moledo Holds Positive Talks With Panthinaikos

As Panathinaikos approaches one of the most significant months of its entire existence, fans can take comfort in knowing Brazilian talisman and rock of the team Rodrigo Moledo has the best interests of the club genuinely at the forefront of his mind.

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Moledo, who is tipped by many as being the best centre back in the league, along with his representatives, held positive talks with Panathinaikos management this week. The main thing to take away is the fact that he will definitely not be seeking an immediate release from his contract (as he would be legally entitled to do so).

This saves the already struggling club in numerous ways. He is one of the most valuable assets and an exit to become a free agent would deprive the Greens of obtaining any possible sizeable fee to gain breathing space in a bid to remain afloat. Additionally, Ouzounidis and fans will know for sure he will take the field with the intention of putting his best foot forward for the team.

Moledo also reiterated his desire to remain at the club beyond January and into the future by stating he would gladly renew his contract if the situation at the club improves within the next two weeks, most notably in the ownership department. This however is highly unlikely as the club still appears to be in a state of uncertainty. Consequently, he would be willing to leave in January if it meant his sale bought the Greens much needed funds.

The player has carried himself in an exemplary fashion throughout his stay and this only adds to it. Even more so when you consider in today’s football world where stuff like this is a rarity. Fans will be hoping this inspires others who may be in a similar position in the future to do the same.

by Nick Tsambouniaris
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