Olympiacos secure €30 million

Olympiacos secure €30 million

Olympiacos’ return to the Champions League groups stages ensures the Peiraiotes a hefty amount of revenue which will exceed €30 million.

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Olympiacos will be returning to the group stages of the Champions League and as a result, the Erythrolefki will receive an extraordinary amount of money. The Superleague champions are expected to receive over €30 million for qualifying for the group stages as they will be the only Greek representative in the competition (AEK were eliminated in qualifying to CSKA Moscow). 

Olympiacos will receive a €12.7 million bonus for qualifying for the group stages and another €3 million bonus for qualifying through the play-off stage. Olympiacos will also receive the full amount from the market pool adjudicated for Greece as AEK were eliminated in qualifying and Olympiacos remain the only Greek team in the competition. The market pool sum is roughly €16 million. 

In addition to the above bonuses, Olympiacos will be rewarded for their results in the group stages and will earn €1.5 million for each victory and €500,000 for every draw. The amount of money that will be deposited into the Olympiacos bank account greatly exceeds the current standard in Greek football as the club furthers the gap between themselves and their main opponents in domestic football.

With the extra money, Olympiacos fans will now expect last ditch signing(s) before the end of the transfer window. No names have appeared on the rumor mill, however there are talks that the club will proceed with their biggest signing of the summer before the end of the month.

Finally, Olympiacos’ president, Vaggelis Marinakis, will be giving a whopping bonus of €2.5 million to be split between the players for their achievement of qualifying for the Champions League group stages.


by Dimitris Spiridakos
Image Source: gazzetta.gr
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