Outburst from Papastathopoulos: “We Are Not Animals, We Are Human”

Outburst from Papastathopoulos: “We Are Not Animals, We Are Human”

Sokratis Papastathopoulos had an outburst on ESPN after Dortmund's loss against Monaco in the UEFA Champions League Quarter-finals, attacking UEFA for their inconsideration during these difficult times for the Dortmund players. Sokratis stated “I feel like an animal, not a human.”

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On Tuesday, explosives were targeted at the Borussia Dortmund team bus as they were en route to their Champions League fixture against Monaco, in an incident that shocked the world. Although the explosives only resulted in a minor injury to Marc Bartra, the Dortmund players were in a state of shock, lucky, and thankful to be alive.

The postponed match took place just less than a day after the incident with Monaco celebrating a 2-3 win in Germany in today’s first leg quarterfinal match.

After the match, Sokratis Papastathopoulos clearly showed his frustration with UEFA’s handling of the situation stating to ESPN “"I am happy first that I am alive," Sokratis told ESPN FC in the mixed zone. "It was the most difficult day that I have lived in my life and I hope that nobody else has to live this day. After yesterday I don't have any more space to think about the game.

"They [UEFA] have to understand that we are not animals. We are people who have families, who have kids in the house. And we are not animals. I am happy that all the players are alive, and all the staff are alive.

"It is very difficult today to think to go and play football. For everybody, it is very difficult to go to work after yesterday. I hope that what happened to us, never happens to anyone else. I hope that was the last time."

"We will speak with our president and with our coach. But we don't have any solutions. I feel like what I said before: I feel like an animal and not like a person. Who doesn't live this can't understand how big it was for us."

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