Panionios continue to be hot market for Greece’s Big-4

Panionios continue to be hot market for Greece’s Big-4

Panionios has seen 15 of their players move on to Greece’s Big-4 over the last three years. 

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For years now, Panionios have proven to be a hot market for Greece’s Big-4 as 15 players have made a move from the Kyanerythri to one of Greece's top clubs in the last three years. Since 2005, Panionios have given a player to one of Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, AEK, or PAOK every season with the exception of the 2006/07 season. Players have made this big jump via a transfer while others signed on as free agents. 

Just five days into the 2018 winter transfer window three players from Panionios joined AEK (Masoud), Panathinaikos (Oikonomou), and Olympiacos (Hajsafi). Below is a list of the 15 players that transferred over to Greece’s big-4 from the Plateia since the 2014 season.

  1. Giannis Anestis (AEK), July 2014 
  2. Vasilis Lambropoulos (AEK), July 2014
  3. Markos Dounis (AEK), July 2014
  4. Tasos Avlonitis (Olympiacos), July 2014
  5. Christos Aravidis (AEK), July 2014
  6. Nikos Giannakopoulos (Panathinaikos), July 2015
  7. Stefanos Evangelou (Panathinaikos), July 2015
  8. Dimitris Chatziisaias (PAOK), January 2016
  9. Olivier Boumal (Panathinaikos), January 2016
  10. Tasos Bakasetas (AEK), July 2016
  11. Karim Ansarifard (Olympiacos), January 2017
  12. Spyros Risvanis (Olympiacos), July 2017
  13. Shojaei Masoud (AEK), January 2018
  14. Vaggelis Oikonomou (Panathinaikos), January 2018
  15. Ehsan Hajsafi (Olympiacos), January 2018
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