Tzavellas: “We Would Have Made it to the World Cup Final, if…”

Tzavellas: “We Would Have Made it to the World Cup Final, if…”

In an interview after last week's game between Greece and Belgium, Georgios Tzavellas explained that the Greek team is once again a family and that the Ethniki Mykonou was not a false accusation. He went on to say that if Mitroglou was in the form at the 2014 World Cup that he is now, Greece would have gone to the World Cup Final.

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Below is everything he said in his interview with Sport FM:

About Mertens grabbing his nose: 
His actions were very unfair, he touched my nose which is very big. Thankfully I didn't fall into his trap and was able to retrain myself.”

About his sending off in stoppage time:
“In the 93rd minute it is different. I believe at that point the red card did not cost us anything, however we did waste time. Regardless, I would have been unavailable for the game against Bosnia because of my first yellow card.”

About the accusations of the Ethniki Mykonou in the previous qualifying round:
“The term Ethniki Mykonou was not inaccurate. The people know when the team shows good “health” and when they don't. This group, regardless if we qualify for the World Cup or not, shows a healthy spirit. We once again found our positive mindset. The most important thing is that we are a family, we don't have the problems of the past, it is easier for younger players to come into the team, just like the youngsters of Olympiacos that were called up. This team is now at the level that can change players, but keep the same competitive level.

About Zeca’s call up to the National Team:
“Zeca is awesome. We are very happy that he is by our side. He is a great player and from what I saw, he feels Greek. It is chemistry, just like with the youngsters from Olympiacos.

About Skibbe’s Contributions:
“He is not only a great coach but he is also a smart person. To coach players from different clubs, different mindsets, you have to do something above and beyond to be able to unite everyone.”

About the team’s unity:
“When I turn and look at the bench in the 80th minute and see the substitutes ready to enter the field, what else can we say. I think the players are now comfortable and are now looking to become like Karagounis, Katsouranis, and the others.”

About Greece’s plan and Mitroglou’s goal:
“We couldn't play differently. We defended well and we waited at the right time for Mitroglou to score, because that it certain. He doesn't need a full chance, only a half chance. He is the best. If he was the player that he is now, at the 2014 World Cup, we would have gone to the final.

About Kapino’s performance:
“It was even more difficult for him after such a long spell without games to come in and play so well. He deserves double the congratulations.”

About Greece’s match against Bosnia in June:
“I don't think everything will finish there. We must show once again what level we are at. I think we can do something there. It is going to be a completely different match. I think they got scared after seeing our performance in Belgium. The more nervous they are, the better it will be for us if we are focused. We must remind ourselves that the signs are with us. I might be suspended, but we will go all together for the trip.

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