When Greece have scored 3+ goals in past qualifiers

When Greece have scored 3+ goals in past qualifiers


Greece have a tough job ahead at the Karaiskaki stadium on Sunday following a heavy 4-1 defeat to Croatia in the first leg of the World Cup qualifying playoffs.

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Although Greece’s hopes of qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup look bleak, not all hope has been lost just yet. Football is football and at all times, anything can happen. After a 4-1 loss in the first leg in Zagreb, Greece need at minimum three goals to have any possibility of pulling off a miraculous comeback in the second leg. A “simple” 3-0 win will do (advanced on away goals). 

Greece have scored three goals against the likes of big named nations including Portugal, Bosnia, Romania, Austria, Norway, Denmark, and others in past qualifying campaigns. Greece only recorded two 3+ goal games in 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying and those came against group minnows Gibraltar (1-4 away, 4-0 home). 

Greece managed a four goal game back during the tragic Euro 2016 qualifying campaign in a 4-3 win over Hungary on the final matchday. The Ethniki also netted three goals in the 2014 World Cup qualifying playoffs at home against Romania, where Greece prevailed with a 3-1 scoreline to eventually qualify for the World Cup after a 1-1 draw in Bucharest.  

Greece’s biggest win in team history was during EURO 1980 qualifying where the Ethniki blew out Finland 8-1.

With the Ethniki needing at least three goals on Sunday against Croatia, AGONAsport brings you a quick review of when our national team has netted three or more goals in past qualifiers.

Euro Qualifiers

4-Oct-1967: Greece - Austria 4:1
4-Jun-1975: Greece - Malta 4:0
11-Oct-1978: Greece - Finland 8:1
29-Oct-1978: Greece - Hungary 4:1
15-May-1983: Hungary - Greece 2:3
3-Dec-1986: Cyprus - Greece 2:4
14-Jan-1987: Greece - Cyprus 3:1
31-Oct-1990: Greece - Malta 4:0
23-Jan-1991: Greece - Portugal 3:2
7-Sep-1994: Faroe Islands - Greece 1:5
12-Oct-1994: Greece - Finland 4:0
6-Sep-1995: San Marino - Greece 0:4
15-Nov-1995: Greece - Faroe Islands 5:0
14-Oct-1998: Greece - Georgia 3:0
9-Oct-1999: Slovenia-Greece 0:3
11-Oct-2006: Bosnia - Greece 0:4
13-Oct-2007: Greece - Bosnia 3:2
17-Nov-2007: Greece - Malta 5:0
4-Jun-2011: Greece - Malta 3:1
11-Oct-2015: Greece - Hungary 4:3

World Qualifiers

22-Jan-1938: Palestine - Greece 1:3
29-Nov-1964: Greece - Denmark 4:2
11-Dec-1968: Greece - Portugal 4:2
15-Oct-1969: Greece - Switzerland 4:1
12-Oct-1993: Luxembourg - Greece 1:3
1-Sep-1996: Greece - Bosnia 3:0
6-Jun-1997: Slovenia - Greece 0:3
17-Nov-2004: Greece - Kazakhstan 3:1
26-Mar-2005: Georgia - Greece 1:3
6-Sep-2008: Luxembourg - Greece 0:3
11-Oct-2008: Greece - Moldova 3:0
10-Oct-2009: Greece - Latvia 5:2
6-Sep-2016: Gibraltar - Greece 1:4
10-Oct-2017: Greece - Gibraltar 4:0

World Cup Qualifiers Playoffs

15-Nov-2013: Greece - Romania 3:1

by Dimitris Spyridakos
Image Source: gazzetta.gr
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