Amazon Firestick/Fire TV for TV Access

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Amazon Firestick/Fire TV for TV Access

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Make a one time purchase for an Amazon Firestick or Amazon Fire TV to access your subscription directly to your TV.

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  • Purchase an Amazon Firestick or Amazon Fire TV from to access your Basic or Premium Sports Package subscription directly to your TV.  
  • Shipping is a flat $15.00 rate within the United States for each device. If you live outside the United States, we will follow up with your exact shipping costs based on your location.
  • Already have an Amazon Firestick or Fire TV? Check out our How it Works Page for details on how to access  AGONAsport TV on your device.
  • Our subscriptions via the Amazon Firestick/Fire TV are available Worldwide (except Greece & Cyprus).
  • Once your order is received, World Greek TV will process the order (with your subscription) within 3-4 business days and will ship it to the address provided. Shipping within the USA takes between 3-5 business days, Canada between 5-10 business days, Europe 10-14 business days, and Australia 12-18 business days. Please note: This purchase only includes the device and not a subscription. For subscription options & purchase visit our General Information page.
  • Receive a FREE Amazon Firestick or Amazon Fire TV with a full-year subscription to our Basic or Premium Sport Packages.
  • Contact us for details or questions via email at, chat directly via LIVE Chat here, or on Facebook here.