Aris and PAOK Choose FIBA

Aris and PAOK have chosen to take part in next year’s FIBA competitions leaving the Euroleague and Eurocup behind. Both will look to qualify for the new FIBA Champions League which begins in September 2016. Qualification will be based on domestic league play and the exact format will be announced by FIBA in the coming weeks.

Both Aris and PAOK competed in this year’s Eurocup, which is organized by the Euroleague Basketball Company. Due to the Euroleague’s format changes, making it more difficult for teams to join the actual Euroleague, Aris and PAOK see the FIBA Champions League as a great way to compete at a high level with other European clubs. AEK has still yet to announce if they will be siding with FIBA or the Euroleague Basketball Company for next season.


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