"Grexit" Avoided

For the past couple of weeks the fear of an international soccer "Grexit" has threatened all of Greek soccer. Fortunately, the threat passed after Kontonis and FIFA reached an agreement to re-start the Greek Soccer Cup.

The fear of an international soccer "Grexit" began when Deputy Sports Minister Stavros Kontonis decided to suspend the Greek Soccer Cup after fan violence erupted in the first leg Semi-final match between PAOK and Olympiacos in Thessaloniki. The decision was considered by FIFA (and UEFA) an intervention of the self-governance of football federations, and warned Greece that all Greek national and club teams would be suspended from international competitions. Meaning, that no Greek club team could partake in the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League while all national teams would not be able to partake in the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championships (including qualifying).

Today's meeting between Stavros Kontonis, the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO), and FIFA representative Kostakis Koutsokoumnis laid this threat to rest after the three parties came to an agreement. The agreement sees that the Greek Soccer Cup resume, with a formal request from EPO, that Kontonis has agreed to approve. Additionally, EPO has promised to abide by all of FIFA/UEFA's rules and regulations regarding transparency. The Greek Cup was suspended in the semi-final stage with Olympiacos having beaten PAOK 0-3 in the first leg (Olympiacos was awarded the victory due to the fan violence), while AEK and Atromitos have yet to play each other.


Source: sportfm.gr; Image Source: thetoc.gr