AEK Sends Series to Game 3

greek a1 basket league playoffs - quarter-finals (game 2)

PAOK 59 - 68 AEK

AEK defeated PAOK 59-68 in the Basket League Playoffs, sending the series to game 3. The final game is set for Wednesday where AEK will host PAOK for a place in the Semi-finals.

AEK traveled to Thessaloniki for a must win game for the quarter-finals of the Basket League playoffs. PAOK led the series 1-0 after defeating AEK in game 1. The visitors played great defense in the first half, holding PAOK to only 6 points in the final 7 minutes of the second quarter, taking a 13 point lead into the break. In the second half, PAOK was better on the defensive end, keeping AEK to 3 points in 6:30 minutes, but could not come through offensively. In the same time span, the home team only scored 8 points and AEK kept their lead. Overall, a poor second half from both teams kept AEK ahead. Milosevic hit an important three with four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter giving AEK the 10-point lead and ultimately the victory in Thessaloniki.

AEK's win sends the series into a game 3 for Wednesday at 11:45 (EST) in Athens. The winner of Wednesday's game will advance to the semi-finals of the playoffs and will play the winner of the Olympiacos-Rethymno series.

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