FIBA Going Through With Federation's Removal, Affects AEK & National Team

The war between FIBA and the Euroleague continues. FIBA informed all federations that they must remove any teams from domestic competitions that are competing in next year's Eurocup (2nd tier tournament of the Euroleague Basketball Company). If a federation does not follow through with this demand, FIBA will remove that federation from FIBA's competitions (Pre-Olympic Tournament, Olympic Games, Eurobasket, FIBA World Cup). This announcement affects EOK as AEK has sided with the Eurocup for next season.

AEK is the only Greek team that has decided to take part in the Eurocup and both PAOK and Aris have decided to compete in next year's FIBA Champions League. The FIBA Champions League is a new competition created by FIBA and will begin next season (September 2016). Before, there were only two European competitions, the Euroleague and the Eurocup. Both competitions are part of the Euroleague Basketball Company and are not affiliated with FIBA. Since the Champions League was formed last fall, there has been a constant battle between FIBA and the Euroleague.

FIBA's announcement to the Hellenic Basketball Federation (EOK) affects both AEK and the Greek National Team. If AEK attends Thursday's Euroleague meeting, EOK will have to remove AEK from domestic competitions, including the Greek A1 Basket League and Greek Basketball Cup. If EOK does not follow FIBA's request, the Greek Federation will be removed from FIBA. This means the national team will not be allowed to take part in FIBA's competitions including the upcoming Pre-Olympic Tournament, Eurobasket, and FIBA World Cup. EOK has previously announced that they will follow all of FIBA's demands protecting the national team from expulsion. With EOK’s stance, it seems that AEK will have to remove itself from the Eurocup and join the Champions League to avoid getting banned from Greece's Basketball competitions. A reminder that the teams competing in next year's Euroleague (Olympiacos and Panathinaikos) are not threatened by either FIBA or EOK as FIBA’s request only pertains to the teams taking part in next year’s Eurocup.


Source: fiba.com; Image Source: fiba.com