Panathinaikos Sweeps Kolossos Rodou

greek a1 basket league playoffs - quarter-finals (game 2)

Kolossos Rodou 71 - 80 Panathinaikos

Panathinaikos doubled their wins against Kolossos in the A1 Basket League Playoff Quarter-finals with a 71-80 victory. They conquered the best of three series 2-0 and secured a place in the semi-finals. They will play Aris and have a home-court advantage in the semi-finals.

The game was tied until Kolossos took a one point lead into the second quarter. The home team eventually had a four point lead, but Panathinaikos was able to bounce back and lead 26-30. At the end of the second quarter, Panathinaikos went on good run and increased their lead to 7 by halftime. Half-way through the third, Kolossos tied the game at 52-52, taking advantage of Panathinaikos’ poor shooting. By the end of the third, Panathinaikos went ahead with a 5 point lead into the last quarter of the game. Diamantidis took over the game, giving his club an 8 point advantage. However, Kolossos did not stop fighting and cut the lead to 3 with only three minutes to play. A great individual play by Pappas and Fotsis’ three pointer ultimately gave Panathinaikos the 71-80 victory.

Panathinaikos will now progress to the Basket League Playoff Semi-Finals where they will play Aris with a home-court advantage. It is a best of five series with the first game to take place at the OAKA Stadium in Athens.


Image Source: paobc.gr