PAOK Back to Back


PAOK 3 - 2 Foinikas Syros
(21 - 25)
(21 - 25)
(25 - 16)
(25 - 14)
(15 - 10)

PAOK was crowned Greek Volley League Champions for the second straight season! The “Dikefalos Tou Vora” completed a great comeback defeating Foinikas Syros 3-2 set in game 4 of the Volley League Finals.

PAOK wanted to finish things tonight, at home, in game 4 of the Volley League Finals. Things did not go to plan as Foinikas took the first two sets 21-25. In the next two sets that followed, it was ALL PAOK and they won the third third set 26-16 and the fourth set 25-14. This sent the match into the fifth and final set. The scores remained close at 12-10, but PAOK won the final three points winning the set, match, and their second straight Greek Volley League Title.

PAOK fell victim to two similar comebacks earlier in the season, both against Olympiacos. Once in the League Cup Final and once in the semi-finals of the Greek Volleyball Cup. Today, it was PAOK who completed the great comeback and was crowned champions of Greek Volleyball winning the series 3-1. The “Dikefalos tou Vora” is the first team to have finished 4th in the regular season and win the Volley League Title.

The trophy presentation followed the victory with the fans and players celebrating the championship. It is important to note, that the home fans showed great sportsmanship, giving the players of Foinikas Syros a standing ovation. Unfortunately, this is something we rarely see in Greek sports...

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