Sidiropoulos & No Fans For Greek Cup Final

It is official, the Greek Cup Final will be held with Greek referee, Tasos Sidiropoulos, and no fans. The decision came after yesterday's meeting between Stavros Kontonis and EPO's President Giorgios Girtzikis.

Before today's meeting it was unclear if there was going to be a Greek or foreign referee for the Final. Also, it was originally announced that the final would only have students attend, but that decision has been reversed. According to sport-fm.gr, Kontonis and Girtzikis  set the following conditions for next Saturday's Greek Cup Final:

  • The final will be held without fans and attendees can enter by invitation only. EPO will receive 250 invitations whereas each team will receive 30 invitations.
  • The referee will be Tasos Sidiropolos, who is currently considered the best Greek Referee.

Olympiacos and AEK will play in the final and it will take place next Saturday, May 7, at the OAKA Stadium in Athens. 


Source: sportfm.gr; Image Source: goal.philenews.com