AEK Chooses Euroleague & Eurocup

AEK announced that they have decided to side with the Euroleague by saying no to FIBA. This means AEK will compete in next year's Eurocup (the Euroleague's 2nd tier tournament) and not in the FIBA Champions League.

According to KAE AEK, they had an offer from FIBA to compete in the new FIBA Champions League, but decided to stay in the Euroleague competitions. AEK concluded that the Eurocup will be more competitive than the FIBA Champions League, but the Kitrinomavri also wanted to keep the opportunity open to compete in the first tier Euroleague in the future. The decision comes after both PAOK and Aris signed with FIBA as they will  be competing in next year's FIBA Champions League. Olympiacos and Panathinaikos have signed a 10 year contract with the Euroleague and will compete part in Europe's top basketball league.


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