Possibly Light at the End of the Tunnel

- Possibly Light at the End of the Tunnel -


There could possibly be light at the end of the tunnel in regards to the Greek Cup Final! After a day full of "stubborn" stances from different sides, an agreement could be made tomorrow about the official date of the Greek Cup Final. May 17th looks like the probable option.

The Cup final was to take place on May 7th, but was postponed by Deputy Minister of Athletics, Stavros Kontonis, because EPO did not hold up their end of the agreement about the assistant referees for the match. Kontonis and EPO agreed that Sidiropoulos would officiate the Final with the same assistants that accompany him in Champions & Europa League matches. Although Sidiropoulos was set to officiate the match, EPO assigned different assistant referees and Kontonis postponed the match. EPO then announced that the Final will take place on Sunday May 15th, but their proposal was shot down by Kontonis, Nova (the official broadcaster of the Greek SuperLeague), the SuperLeague, the OAKA Stadium, and AEK. The Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) then decided to a new date for the cup final, Tuesday May 17th. Kontonis seemed content with the new date (as long as the assistance referees were changed), but Nova did not agree. The May 17th date stands in the way of both the 2nd and 3rd matchdays of the playoffs, which are scheduled for May 15th and May 18th. Nova announced that the original SuperLeague Playoff schedule must not be changed or else they would take legal action and implement fines on each team in the playoffs. Furthermore, EPO refused to back down about the referee issue. Once big mess, to say the least...

According to sportfm.gr, it now looks as if EPO is backing down their stance about the assistant referees. FIFA has gotten involved in the matter and pressured EPO to uphold their original agreement with Kontonis. Tomorrow, the SuperLeague Board of Directors have an emergency meeting to discuss possible options and dates for the playoffs. If the final is held May 17th, the dates of the SuperLeague playoffs will need to change. However, Nova has announced on many occasions that they will take action if the dates of the playoffs are changed.Tomorrow we will have a clearer picture after the SuperLeague's meeting. At least there is Light at the end of the tunnel after EPO and Kontonis seem to be on the same page.


Source: sportfm.gr