A Gift From Rethymno for OFI

- A Gift From Rethymno for OFI -



AOT Alimos 0 - 1 OFI Crete
Episkopi 1 - 1 Fostiras

Episkopi held Fostiras to a 1-1 draw in Rethymno, giving OFI the advantage for promotion to the Football League. OFI defeated relegated AOT Alimos 0-1 and in conjunction with Fostiras’ draw in Rethymno, the Cretan side is the favorites to advance to the Football League.

Going in yesterday’s games, OFI and Fostiras where tied on 62 points atop Group D of the Greek Football League 2 (3rd Division). After yesterday’s results (Fostiras draw, OFI win), OFI holds a 2 point advantage over Fostiras, with one game remaining. The two sides will meet in Crete on the final matchday (Sunday) for the final promotion spot to the Football League. If Fostiras would have defeated Episkopi, Fostiras would have only needed a draw on the final matchday to secure promotion. However, after their “gela” in Rethymno the roles have reversed. On the final matchday, OFI will gain promotion with a win or draw while a win will only do for Fostiras to earn promotion. View the full Football League 2 Standings here...


Image Source: sportfm.gr