Why Spanoulis is Called Kill-Bill

- Why Spanoulis is Called Kill-Bill -

Vassilis Spanoulis’ winning three-pointer against Panathinaikos in Game 2 of the Greek Basket League Playoff Finals was one of the Greek guard’s most important shots in his career. This isn’t the first time Spanoulis has hit a clutch shot at the end of the game and we take you back, with the help of sportfm.gr, to why he is called “Kill Bill.” 


Eurobasket 2007 Last 16: Greece – Croatia

Greece and Croatia were tied 78-78 with 7 seconds remaining in the 2007 Eurobasket Last 16. Spanoulis hit a three-pointer at the buzzer to send the then current champions, Greece, to the Semi-Finals.


Eurobasket 2009 Quarter-Finals: Greece – Turkey

Another clutch three pointer with the national team! With the game in overtime, Greece was ahead by 3 points with over a minute remaining. Spanoulis pulled up from way behind the arc, securing Greece’s place in the 2009 Eurobasket Semi-Finals. View at 1:20...


Greek Basket League 2012: Aris – Olympiacos

In December of 2011, Spanoulis practically defeated Aris on his own, scoring 29 points and the winning 3-pointer for the Erythrolefki. He silenced the home crowd, hitting a three pointer with 5 seconds remaining and giving Olympiacos a one point lead.   


Euroleague 2012 Final-4: Olympiacos - Barcelona

In the 2012 Euroleague Final-4, Olympiacos and Barcelona played for a place in the Final. With over a minute remaining, Olympiacos was ahead by 2 points before Spanoulis secured the victory with another clutch 3-pointer. Olympiacos went on to win the Euroleague Title completing one of the biggest comebacks in the history of the Euroleague.



In Game 5 of the Greek Basket League Playoff Finals, Spanoulis gave Olympiacos a 14 point lead with a 3-pointer at the end of the 3rd quarter. The lead was too much for Panathinaikos to overcome and Olympiacos re-turned to the top of Greek Basketball.


Euroleague 2013 FINAL: Olympiacos - Real Madrid

Olympiacos began their comeback in the 2013 Euroleague Championship game at the end of the first half. In the third quarter, Spanoulis hit three straight 3-pointers and gave Olympiacos the lead. "Kill Bill" made two more three pointers in the game, including his final one from almost half court, with over a minute remaining. That 3-pointer gave Olympiacos an 11 point lead and ultimately their second straight Euroleague Championship!


Euroleague 2014 Top 16: Olympiacos - Panathinaikos

Although Spanoulis had a poor game, he came through went it counted. In the final match of the Euroleague Top-16, against the "eternal enemy" Panathinaikos, Spanoulis scored another off-balanced 3-pointer with 0.5 seconds remaining to give Olympiacos a 68-65 victory. The win gave Olympiacos third place in the group and spot in the Euroleague Playoffs.


Greek basket League 2015: Panathinaikos - Olympiacos

Spanoulis punished his old team again...In the regular season derby at the OAKA Stadium, the Greek guard gave Olympiacos a deciding 13 point lead with yet another important 3-pointer. The long ranged shot came with over a minute remaining and Olympiacos was victorious against their "eternal enemy." View at 1:00...


Euroleague 2015 Final-4: Olympiacos - CSKA Moscow

Spanoulis was closed down by the CSKA Moscow defense throughout whole game; however the captain came through when it mattered. Olympiacos was behind the whole match and in the final 5 minutes, a comeback led by Spanoulis, brought Olympiacos back in the game. With 10 seconds remaining and the scores tied, "Kill Bill" pulled up and hit the winning 3-pointer for Olympiacos. CSKA Moscow's worst nightmare, Olympiacos, advanced to their 3rd Euroleague Final in 4 years.


Greek Basket League 2016 Playoffs: Panathinaikos - Olympiacos

And to game 2 of this year's Basket League Playoff Finals...Diamantidis put Panathinaikos ahead by one point with a 3-pointer with 8 seconds remaining in the game. Spanoulis responded with an off-balanced 3-pointer of his own, at the buzzer, giving Olympiacos the 66-68 victory. The win leveled the series 1-1 and Olympiacos re-gained their home court advantage.  

Source: sportfm.gr; Image Source: theotc.gr