Another Easy Cup for Olympiacos

- Another Easy Cup for Olympiacos -


Olympiacos 12 - 5 Vouliagmeni
(3 - 1)
(6 - 2)
(9 - 3)
(12 - 5)

Another Cup for Olympiacos Water Polo! The Erythrolefki defeated Vouliagmeni 12-5 in the Greek Water Polo Cup Final and won the Greek League & Cup double!

The Greek Water Polo Final-4 turned into a “practice” for Olympiacos as they prepare for next weekend’s FINA Champions League Final-6 (European Championships). Olympiacos destroyed their rivals, Panathinaikos, 14-2 in the semi-finals and easily defeated Vouliagmeni 12-5 in today’s Final. With the win, the Erythrolefki remain undefeated for the season in both Greece and Europe. Last week, they swept Vouliagmeni 3-0 in the Greek League Playoff Finals and today they won the 18th Greek Water Polo Cup in their history.

Olympiacos now has their eyes on the “Treble.” That is, winning both domestic league titles (league & Cup-which they have already done) and the European Championship. The Greek Champions will play in next weekend’s FINA Champions League Final-6 where they have already secured their place in the semi-finals.

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