Pulido Found SAFE After Kidnapping

- Pulido Found SAFE After Kidnapping -

Olympiacos striker Alan Pulido is safe after he was kidnapped yesterday. The news brings a huge sigh of relief for his family, Olympiacos, and the soccer world.

The special forces of Mexico carried out a successful mission late Sunday night and rescued Pulido from his kidnappers. The reports were confirmed by police and a picture and video of Pulido at the hospital were posted after his liberation. The Olympiacos striker was sent to the hospital for minor injuries that he suffered and he will recover quickly. This is a very happy ending to an extremely scary story that shocked not only the Greek and Mexican people, but the soccer world. Pulido was kidnapped Sunday morning, around 2:00 AM local time, after his car was surrounded by 6 gunmen. More on the original story here…

 Update May 30 (5:00 PM): The police announced details of how Pulido was found and rescued from his kidnappers. They stated that it was not a coincidence that Pulido was taken, as the kidnappers knew that his family had lots of money. Furthermore, the criminals were planning to release Pulido in exchange for ransom money. After being held at gun point, Pulido was taken and held in a house in Victoria. At the house, his captors made the mistake of leaving Pulido's phone exposed. While the kidnappers where distracted, the Mexican footballer quickly grabbed the phone and dialed the emergency number 066 (the 911 of Mexico). The police tracked the location of the call and were able to free the Olympiacos striker. One captor is in custody and it seems that he is working with authorities to help find the other criminals.



Source: sportfm.gr