Kontonis Threatens to Cancel Cup Final After EPO Announced Assistant Referees

More drama in this year’s Greek Soccer Cup!! After the competition was suspended for over a month, Stavros Kontonis threatened EPO that the Cup final will be canceled. His statement came after EPO announced the assistant referees for this Saturday’s Final.

More barriers stand in the way for the conclusion of this year’s Greek Soccer Cup. Today, the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) announced the assistant referees for this Saturday’s Cup Final. The announcement triggered a quick response from the Deputy Minister of Athletics, Stavros Kontonis, expressing his disagreement with the federation’s decision.

The Cup final was suspended by Kontonis in early March after fan violence erupted in the semi-final between PAOK and Olympiacos in Thessaloniki. FIFA and UEFA then threatened EPO with termination from all international soccer competitions (includes Greek club and national soccer teams) if the Greek Cup did not resume. FIFA, EPO, and Stavros Kontonis met in April and came to an agreement for the Cup to re-start. Since that meeting, EPO and Kontonis met to further discuss and agree on certain terms for the Cup Final, including referees and fan allowance at the stadium. Kontonis claims that EPO breached their agreement after EPO announced the assistant referees for the Final. According to Kontonis, his agreement with EPO was that Tasos Sidiropulos (head referee) would officiate the game along with the same assistant referees that accompany him in UEFA Champions & Europa League matches (Kostaras and Efthymiadis). However, EPO made it known that Alexeas and Petropoulos would be the assistants, triggering Kontonis response.

Kontonis has given EPO until tomorrow afternoon, 12:00 PM local time (5:00 AM EST), for EPO to change their decision and assign Kostaras and Efthymiadis as assistant referees for Saturday’s final. If EPO does not reverse their decision, the Cup final will be postponed or canceled until further notice. 


Source: sportfm.gr; Image Source: parapolitika.gr