Antetokounmpo IN, Papanikolaou OUT

- Antetokounmpo IN, Papanikolaou OUT -

The Bucks gave Antetokounmpo the OK to play with the Greek National Basketball Team for the upcoming Pre-Olympic Qualifying Tournament. On the other hand, Papanikolaou was ruled out due to an ankle injury.

Although Antetokounmpo was called-up by Katsikaris in the Pre-Selection roster, Antetokounmpo’s participation in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament was unsure. The Bucks advised Antetokounmpo to focus on improving his game, individually, and skip this summer’s Olympics with the Greek National Team. After today’s meeting with the Bucks, the “Greek Freak” was able to convince Milwaukee, allowing him to play with the National Team this summer. This is great news for the Galanolefki, since key players will be missing from the team (Printezis-Mavrokefalidis injured, Zisis-Spanoulis retired). Antetokounmpo confirmed his place with the National team through Instagram saying “The decision was made! I can't never leave your side. I'll be there for you!”

On the other hand, Papanikolaou was also called-up to the Pre-selection roster, but was ruled out due to an ankle injury. His “knockout” was confirmed after today’s test results were known.