Fans Provoke Greece During Albania-Switzerland Match

Fans Provoke Greece During Albania-Switzerland Match

uefa euro 2016 - group stage (group a)

Albania 0 - 1 Switzerland
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Fans raised a provocative banner in the today’s match between Albania and Switzerland at UEFA Euro 2016. The Greek government reacted to the situation and requested UEFA to take action. Switzerland went on to defeat Albania 1-0.

The banner was hung in an area with Swiss fans and stated “Greece is guilty. Remember the Genocide in Camera, 100,000 Albanian victims.” The Greek government reacted to the provocative banner and Deputy Minister of Athletics, Stavro Kontonis, sent a letter of complaint to UEFA, stating that the banner was unhistorical and offensive to the country of Greece. The letter demanded UEFA to take action and implement sanctions based on UEFA’s rules and regulations. Kontonis also requested for enhanced security measures and mentioned that it was unacceptable for a banner of that nature to be allowed into the stadium by local security.

UEFA has strict rules against banners and signs that refer to political issues and consequences are expected to follow. Additionally, it is unknown how the banner was permitted into the stadium by local security, as the banner was written in English. A question for the stadium’s security...

Switzerland defeated Albania 1-0 with a goal in the opening 5 minutes. Albania played with 10 men from the first half and had late chances to steal a point, but were unable to do so. Switzerland has 3 points, along with France, while Albania and Romania sit at the bottom of Group A with 0 points.

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