Panathinaikos Retires #13

- Panathinaikos Retires #13 -

Panathinaikos BC announced that they will retire the number 13 in honor of Dimitris Diamantidis’ contribution to the team. The captain of Panathinaikos retired at the end of this season after a 13-year career with the Prasini.

Diamantidis is one of the best Greek basketball players to ever play the game. He moved to Panathinaikos in 2004 (from Iraklis) and decided to finish his playing career at the end of this season. The 36-year old had a tremendous career with both the Prasini and Greek National Team, while wearing #13. During today’s presentation of the documentary about Diamantidis’ life, it was announced that “3D”’ would be the last player to ever wear #13 for Panathinaikos. Thirteen was not only Diamantidis’ number during his playing career at Panathinaikos, but it has a symbolic meaning for the club because the Tryfilli’s organized fans are called “Gate 13.” Diamantidis is only the second player to have a number retired with Panathinaikos. The number four was retired in 2009, in honor of Fragiskos Alvertis, who played with the club from 1990-2009.

Source: panathinaikoskosmos.gr