Threat to AEK & National Team Avoided

- Threat to AEK & National Team Avoided -

The court of Munich decided to forbid FIBA to punish clubs or national teams for choosing to participate in the Eurocup. This pertains to AEK, who decided to play in next year’s Eurocup, while EOK would have complied with FIBA to avoid the National Team’s disqualification from international competitions.

The Euroleague and 13 club teams went to court to reverse FIBA’s decision on imposing sanctions on club’s teams that chose to compete in next year’s Eurocup. FIBA created a new basketball competition, the FIBA Champions League, that will begin next season. This competition conflicted with the Euroleague’s 2nd tier competition, the Eurocup. Teams throughout Europe were forced to decide which European Competition to compete in for next season. From Greece, PAOK, Aris, and Kifisia chose the FIBA Champions League while AEK decided to stick with the Eurocup. FIBA tried to threaten the teams that chose the Eurocup by pressuring each federation with banishment from their domestic competitions. If the federations did not comply with FIBA’s request, FIBA threatened to remove that federation’s national team from international competitions (i.e Eurobasket, Olympics, FIBA World Cup). The Hellenic Basketball Federation (EOK) made it known that they will comply with all of FIBA’s demands to keep the National team active in all competitions. EOK’s stance put AEK in a difficult position, but the Kitrinomavri stood firm in their original decision to partake in the Eurocup.

The court in Munich decided that FIBA’s sanctions and threats are illegal and that club teams could compete in the competition of their choice. The court announced “any penalty, direct or indirect, and act of threatening or pressuring of teams to go against their will would constitute a direct violation of the court’s decision.” Additionally, a violation of this ruling will result in a €250,000 fine and 6 months imprisonment. The decision will favor AEK as they can know freely compete in next year’s Eurocup without the fear of being removed from the Greek A1 Basket League and Cup.


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