Gamma Ethniki: Weekend Results (Matchday 4)

- Gamma Ethniki: Weekend Results (Matchday 4) -

Apollon Kalamarias, Olympiacos Volou, Diagoras Sevastis, Ergotelis, and Ermis Zonianon all continued their perfect records in matchday 4. Panachaiki, Doxa Dramas, and Niki Volou recorded important victories while Kavala dropped points again. For the Gamma Ethniki Standings click here...



Apollon Kalamarias continues to lead the way in Group A after defeating Kampaniakos 1-0. Doxa Drama trails by two points in second place after an easy victory away to Orfeas Xanthi. Kavala came away with yet another disappointing result after falling 2-1 away to Makedonikos Foufas.


Date Home Team Score Away Team
2-Oct-16 AE Pontion 0 - 0 Kardias
2-Oct-16 Makedon. Foufa 2 - 1 Kavala
2-Oct-16 Almopos Ari. 0 - 0 Naousa
2-Oct-16 Orfeas Xanthi 0 - 3 Doxa Dramas
2-Oct-16 Lagadas 2 - 1 A. Paralimniou
2-Oct-16 A. Kalamarias 1 - 0 Kampaniakos
2-Oct-16 D. Proskyniton 1 - 0 Eordaikos


Date Home Team Score Away Team
9-Oct-16 Kardias Kavala
9-Oct-16 Naousa AE Pontion
9-Oct-16 Doxa Dramas Makedon. Foufa
9-Oct-16 N. Chrisoupolis Almopos Ari.
9-Oct-16 A. Paralimniou Orfeas Xanthi
9-Oct-16 Eordaikos Lagadas
9-Oct-16 A. Kalamarias D. Proskyniton


Olympiacos Volou continued their perfect record in Group B after defeating Pydna Kitrous away 0-1. The surprise team of the group, Diagoras Sevastis also remained perfect winning at home against Asteras Petriti. Niki Volou bounced back after losing points last week to defeat Thesprotos 1-0 while Apollon Larissas and AE Karaiskakis also recorded important victories away from home against Achilleas Neokaisareias and AE Istaias, respectively.


Date Home Team Score Away Team
2-Oct-16 A. Neokaisareias 0 - 3 A. Larissas
2-Oct-16 Am. Kostakion 0 - 0 Pierikos
2-Oct-16 E. Filippiadas 1 - 1 Rigas Feraios
2-Oct-16 Pydna Kitrous 0 - 1 Olympiacos Volou
2-Oct-16 Niki Volou 1 - 0 Thesprotos
2-Oct-16 Tilikratis 3 - 0 M.A. Eleftheroch.
2-Oct-16 Diag. Sevastis 1 - 0 Asteras Petriti
2-Oct-16 AE Istaias 0 - 1 Karaiskakis


Date Home Team Score Away Team
9-Oct-16 Diag. Sevastis AE Istaias
9-Oct-16 A. Larissas Pierikos
9-Oct-16 Rigas Feraios A. Neokaisareias
9-Oct-16 Olympiacos Volou Am. Kostakion
9-Oct-16 Thesprotos E. Filippiadas
9-Oct-16 M.A. Eleftheroch. Pydna Kitrous
9-Oct-16 Asteras Petriti Niki Volou
9-Oct-16 Karaisaki Tilikratis


PAO Vardas and Panachaiki continue to lead the way in Group C after defeating Doxa Megalopolis 1-3 and Zeugalotiou, respectively, away from home. Both Fostiras and Panarkadikos dropped points after drawing over the weekend.


Date Home Team Score Away Team
2-Oct-16 Fostiras Athinon 0 - 0 AO Pylou
2-Oct-16 Doxa Megalopolis 1 - 3 PAO Vardas
2-Oct-16 Thyva 1 - 0 Chalkida
2-Oct-16 Zaugolatiou 0 - 2 Panachaiki
2-Oct-16 Achaiaki 1 - 0 Loutraki
2-Oct-16 Ast. Amaliadas 0 - 1 Panargeiakos
2-Oct-16 Aiolikos 2 - 2 Panarkadikos


Date Home Team Score Away Team
9-Oct-16 Ast. Amaliadas Aiolikos
9-Oct-16 AO Pylou PAO Vardas
9-Oct-16 Chalkida Fostiras Athinon
9-Oct-16 Ermionidas Thyva
9-Oct-16 Loutraki Zeugolatiou
9-Oct-16 Panarkadikos Achaiki
12-Oct-16 Panachaiki Doxa Megalopolis


Both Ergotelis and Ermis Zonianon remained perfect after 4 games by defeating Triglia Rafinas and AEEK INKA, respectively. Ionikos defeated Kifisias 1-2 away from home while Proodeftiki continues their horrific start to the season after falling at home to Rodos. 


Date Home Team Score Away Team
2-Oct-16 AEEK INKA 0 - 1 Ermis Zonianon
2-Oct-16 Proodeftiki 1 - 2 Rodos
2-Oct-16 Ilisiakos 1 - 2 Ethnikos Pierikos
2-Oct-16 Thyella Rafinas 1 - 2 Atsaleniou
2-Oct-16 Ergotelis 2 - 0 Triglia Rafinas
2-Oct-16 Ialisos 2 - 1 Panthiraikos
3-Oct-16 Kifisias 1 - 2 Ionikos


Date Home Team Score Away Team
9-Oct-16 Ermis Zonianon Rodos
9-Oct-16 Ethnikos Pierikos AEEK INKA
9-Oct-16 Atsaleniou Proodeftiki
9-Oct-16 Agios Ierotheos Ilisiakos
9-Oct-16 Triglia Rafinas Thyella Rafinas
9-Oct-16 Ionikos Ergotelis
10-Oct-16 Ialisos Kifisias
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