Olympiacos Continues Impressive Win Streak Against Panathinaikos

-- Olympiacos Continues Impressive Win Streak Against Panathinaikos --


Olympiacos 14 - 4 Panathinaikos
(3 - 0)
(7 - 1)
(10 - 2)
(14 - 4)

It was everything but a derby in yet another clash between the eternal rivals in Greek Water Polo as Olympiacos defeated Panathinaikos 14-4. The Erythrolefki's win continues their impressive 41-game winning streak against the Prasini.

After a 3-0 advantage at the end of the opening period, another solid performance in the second quarter was enough for Olympiacos to take a commanding lead as they went into halftime ahead 7-1. Panathinaikos showed signs of good defensive play throughout the match (Galanidis made great saves), but the difference in quality between the two sides was evident. 

The stubborn Panathinaikos defense held Olympiacos for much of the third quarter before three more goals from the hosts increased their lead to eight (10-2). In the final period, Olympiacos took their foot of the gas (despite finding the back of the net 4 times) and Panathinaikos scored two goals as the game ended 14-4 in favor of Olympiacos.

Milonakis and Fountoulis eached scored three goals for the Erythrolefki while the goalies from both sides made impressive saves throughout the game. Today’s result marks Olympiacos’ 41st consecutive victory against their big rivals in Water Polo. The defending champions now lead the way in the Greek A1 Water Polo League with 9 points while Panathinaikos face their first defeat of the season.

Image Source: gazzetta.gr
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