All Domestic League Play Officially Postponed

-- All Domestic League Play Officially Postponed --

There will be no domestic league play in Greece this weekend as all games for the Superleague, Football League, and Gamma Ethniki have been postponed. All games will resume after Tuesday, November 22nd.

Last week, the Head of the Central Refereeing Committee (K.E.D), Georgios Bikas, resigned from his position after his summer-home in Chalkidiki was intentionally set on fire. The incident came after another member of the Central Refereeing Committee, Giannis Tsaheilidis, also saw his home attacked by hooligans. These events that took place, along with a memberless Central Refereeing Committee, forced the postponement of all domestic league play in Greece until further notice.

On Wednesday, the K.E.D. remained without leadership and the teams of all three leagues (Superleague, Football League, Gamma Ethniki) were informed that this weekend’s matches will not take place. Earlier today, there was light at the end of the tunnel after Stavros Tritsonis (head) and Michalis Koukoulakis were appointed as two of the three new members in the K.E.D. This announcement also came with a sigh of relief as league play is set to continue starting November 22nd. The third member of the committee will be announced on Friday. 

Matchday 11 of the Greek Superleague was scheduled for this weekend and it looks like next weekend’s play will resume with Matchday 12. Matchday 11 will have to be “made up” at a later date in the year. A reminder, that both Matchdays 1 and 2 were also postponed at the beginning of the season, due to other issues, and will take place in early January 2017.

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