Tsipras Replaces Kontonis with Vasileiadis as Deputy Minister of Sports

-- Tsipras Replaces Kontonis with Vasileiadis as Deputy Minister of Sports --

On Thursday, Alexis Tsipras met with Stavros Kontonis to inform him of his new position in the Greek government. The Deputy Minister of Sports was reassigned by Tsipras to the Minister of Justice position. Giorgos Vasileiadis will be the new Deputy Minister of Sports. 

Stavros Kontonis has officially been relocated in the Greek government from Deputy Minister of Sports to the Minister of Justice. Kontonis was appointed as Deputy Minister of Sports when SYRIZA won the Greek elections in January 2015 and since then, he has put up a hard fight to battle corruption in Greek sports, mainly football. He had the support of the anti-corruption alliance which consists of Panathinaikos, AEK, and PAOK and made many changes to remove the people that poisoned the sport over the years. One of his main accomplishments was removing the members of the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) including the president Giorgos Girtzikis, who was involved in many scandals during his reign as President. On the other end, many disliked Kontonis for his constant involvement in the sport, including the delays of last year’s Greek Cup and the start of this year's Superleague. Liked or not, Kontonis made an impact while he was Deputy Minister of Sports.

His successor will be Giorgos Vaseiliadis who is a lawyer and a father of three children. He is a well-known member of the SYRIZA political party and has done important work as the General Secretary of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the State.

Source: sdna.gr
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