The Champions League Times are Changing

-- The Champions League Times are Changing --

The UEFA Champions League times will change starting the 2018-2019 season. 

If you are a fan of the UEFA Champions League you know the standard kickoff times for all games no matter your time zone, Eastern USA (2:45 PM), Western USA (11:45 AM), England (7:45 PM), Melbourne (6:45 AM), or in the homeland at 9:45 PM.

All of that is changing after UEFA’s Executive Committee meeting in Sion this past week. The UEFA Champions League games will now take place at two different times, 1:00 PM-EST (8:00 PM Greek time) and 3:00 PM-EST (10:00 PM Greek Time). This will be similar to how the Europa League conducts their games. 

UEFA’s hope is that the number of people watching each game will increase with this change. The new times will be enforced starting the 2018/19 season. Many other changes are expected to take place in regards to how many teams are allocated to each country something that is expected to benefit the “stronger” European Leagues (England, Italy, Germany) while teams from smaller leagues will have a tougher time earning a place in the Champions League Group Stages.

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