Greek Football League Heading for Bankruptcy

-- Greek Football League Heading for Bankruptcy --

The troubling economic situation of the Greek Football League has sparked the discussion of bankruptcy at an informal board meeting on December 5th. In that scenario, the league would fall into the hands of the Hellenic Football Federation.

At an informal Greek Football League board meeting on December 5th (quorum was not met), the members discussed the possible option of bankruptcy. The Greek second division has struggled financially as it remains without a main sponsor or a TV broadcaster. According to, the Football League owes over €1 million in debt to its employees, third parties, and the government. 

In the scenario of bankruptcy, the league will fall into the hands of the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO). Talks have begun between the two sides and EPO has already set a condition that it will not keep the Football League’s current employees.

It has been a roller coaster ride of a season for the Football League as it was set to begin in early September, but kicked off in late October due to numerous problems. It is currently early December and only 4 of the scheduled 34 matchdays have been played…

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