The Knockout Stage Pairs for Euro 2016

- The Knockout Stage Pairs for Euro 2016 -

With the conclusion of the Group Stages we now have an idea of the Knockout Phase for UEFA Euro 2016. A heated match is expected between Italy and Spain in the last 16 as that section of the bracket has powerhouses such as Germany, England, and France.

Twenty four teams began at Euro 2016 and now we are left with 16 nations. They include the 6 group winners, 6 group runner-ups, and the top four 3rd placed teams. The most anticipated match in the Last 16 will be between Group E winners, Italy, and Group D runner-ups, Spain. Additionally, a good match is expected between Croatia, who finished 1st in Group D, and the 3rd placed team from Group F, Portugal.

The quarter-finals will provide exciting match ups with a possibility of Germany to play the winner of Spain/Italy and France to match up against England. The road to the semi-final looks easier on paper for teams like Belgium, Portugal, and Croatia while only two of the powerhouses, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and England will meet in the other semi-final. This is, of course, if the theoretical favorites are to advance from each round. One thing is certain, the European Championships are well underway with some anticipating matches ahead of us. The knockout stages kick off at 9:00 am (EST) on Saturday June 25th. 



Date Match No. Team 1 Time Team 2
25-Jun-16 37 Switzerland 9:00 AM Poland
25-Jun-16 38 Wales 12:00 PM Northern Ireland
25-Jun-16 39 Croatia 3:00 PM Portugal
26-Jun-16 40 France 9:00 AM Ireland
26-Jun-16 41 Germany 12:00 PM Slovakia
26-Jun-16 42 Hungary 3:00 PM Belgium
27-Jun-16 43 Italy 12:00 PM Spain
27-Jun-16 44 England 3:00 PM Iceland
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