Meet AEK FC’s New Mascot...Haga!

- Meet AEK FC’s New Mascot...Haga! -

AEK FC announced their new mascot earlier this week. His name...Haga! The double headed eagle (dikefalos aetos) will make his official debut to the fans when AEK hosts Saint Etienne in Europa League Qualifying on Thursday.

The name of the mascot, Haga, was voted by the AEK fans. Who was Haga? The emperor Komninos, who was originally from Paphlagonia , wanted to change the official flag of the state, to a mythical entity of his country, the two-headed eagle-like beast, Haga. The people of Paphlagonia believed that Haga had supernatural abilities to punish injustice. Local legends tell of a giant eagle with two heads that easily lifted an entire bull with his claws. Haga was the personification of power, while people often, in their prayers, asked for his protection.

After the announcing of Haga, pictures of the creature went viral on social media. AEK fans seem to have mixed emotions about the double-headed eagle mascot, with many ridiculing it’s looks. Haga has his own Instagram account for those that want to follow him!



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Image Source: sportfm.gr
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