The New Sparta FC

- The New Sparta FC -

This season, Sparti will play in Greece’s 2nd Division (Greek Football League) for the first time in their history after gaining promotion from the 3rd division. With their place in a professional league, Sparti officially became a Football Club (PAE), releasing the team’s new logo and website!

Sparti finished first in Group 3 of the Greek 3rd Division (Gamma Ethniki), gaining promotion to the Football League for the 2016-2017 season. The club that is owned by Dimitris Giannakopoulos (who also owns Panathinaikos BC) is officially a professional Football Club and released their new logo earlier this week.

The new logo is symbolic of the Ancient Spartans (also known as the Lakedemonioi) and stems from the history of the city which includes the ideology of the ancient Spartans. The shape of the logo is the helmet of an Ancient Spartan general, with the official name of the club “AE Sparti PAE”, and year of establishment (1991), written across the top of the helmet.

Underneath the helmet, in the shape of a Greek L (lamda), which was the official symbol of the Ancient Spartans, the phrase “H TAN EPI TAS” is written. The mothers used this phrase to bid farewell to their sons before they left for battle. The saying means “either this or on this.” "This" refers to their shield, meaning "either bring your shield back or I would rather they brought you (lying) dead on it" (come back victorious or dead).

The red Lamda represents the color of the coat worn by the Spartan soldiers during war. The color red showed intimidation and confidence while covering up the soldier's’ blood wounds from battle. The Ancient Spartans did not fear, hide, or camouflage themselves for war; they wanted to show exactly where they are.

Finally, at the base of the logo we see the Greek flag.

Sparta FC also released their new website,, which will provide the team’s news, coaching staff, current roster, and more.

- sparta fc logo -

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