An Unfortunate End for the LEGEND Iliadis

- An Unfortunate End for the LEGEND Iliadis -

Ilias Iliadis, one of Greece's hopes for a medal, made a very early exist in the Men’s 90kg Judo event. The former Olympic Champion lost by Ippon and was defeated in the Round of 32 by Cheng Xunzhao from China. After his exit from the competition, Iliadis announced that Rio 2016 were his final Olympic Games.

Ilias Iliadis’ run in the 2016 Olympic Games lasted 45 seconds. The Greek star fell by ippon (a match ending move) to Cheng Xunzhao from China and was eliminated from the event. Iliadis has been troubled by many injuries and surgeries over the last couple of years and was not considered a favorite to medal at this year’s games. However his great Olympic record, a gold in Athens and bronze in London, made him a respectable opponent and a possible "surprise" in the competition. Unfortunately, the Greek athlete made an early exit at his final Olympic Games.

Iliadis was extremely upset after his fight and announced that these were his last Olympic Games of his career. The flag bearer at the 2008 Olympic Games has brought much success to Greece as he is a 3-time World Champion, 2-time European Champion, 4-time Olympian, Olympic Champion in 2004, and the bronze medalist at the 2012 Olympic Games. Iliadis is considered one of the best (if not the best) Judo athlete of his generation.

Thank you for everything Ilia!

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