Greek Cup Postponed, EPO Proposes Cup Final in Germany

- Greek Cup Postponed, EPO Proposes Cup Final in Germany -

Stavros Kontonis has postponed the start of the Greek Football Cup until September 10th. Additionally, Giorgos Girtzikis would like the Greek Cup Final to be held outside of Greece, preferably in Germany!

After the postponing of the Greek SuperLeague, the Greek Cup has now been put on hold as well. The first round, which will consist of four teams from the Greek Football League (Panegialios/Sparti & Acharnaikos/OFI), was to be held on August 30th (1st leg) and September 6th (second leg). Kontonis announced that no games will be played before September 10th. The decision comes after the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) decided to appoint referees without following the proper procedures, adding more fire to the issues between EPO and Kontonis.

And when we thought we had seen it all with last year’s Cup Final held in a closed OAKA Stadium (without fans), the president of EPO, Giorgos Girtzikis, proposed this year’s final to be held in another country, preferably in Germany! EPO’s announcement stated “The Executive Committee of the Hellenic Football Federation, in their meeting on Thursday 11/8/2016, approved the President’s proposal for the Federation to hold the Greek Cup Final outside of Greece, the first choice being a stadium in Germany, amending the current Article in place.” It is unsure if the Cup Final will be held in Greece or Germany as the current members of EPO are likely to be replaced very soon.

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