Daily Preview: Greece Rio 2016 Olympics (Day 2, Sunday, Aug 7)



AGONAsport.com brings you a preview of all of Greece’s Athletes competing in Day 2 (Sunday, August 7) of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. For a in-depth preview of all of Greece’s athletes click here.


Shooting - Women’s 10m Air Pistol, Qualifying (8:00 AM): Anna Korakkaki
***Anna Korrakki will begin in the qualifying round of the Women's 10m Air Pistol Event with high hopes for a medal in the event. The top 8 athletes will qualify for the final.

Table Tennis - Men’s Singles, Round 2 (9:00 AM): Panagiotis Gionis
***Panagiotis Gionis competes in the second round against Padasak Tanviriyavechakul from Thailand. Gionis had a bye in the first round. The winner will advance to Round 3 Jun Mizutani from Japan.

Shooting - Women’s 10m Air Pistol, FINAL (10:00 AM): **Anna Korakkaki**
***If Anna Korrakki progressing from the Qualifying round, she will compete in the Final round i hopes of receiving Greece's first medal at the Olympics!

Rowing – Men’s Coxless Four, Heat 3 (11:20 AM): Angelopoulos, Christou, Tsilis & Tziallas
***The Men's Coxless four team will compete in the 3rd Qualifying Heat with the hopes of a top 3 finish, out of four teams, for a place in the semi-finals. If Greece finishes in fourth, they will be given one more opportunity in the repechage heat. 

Swimming – Men’s 100m Backstroke, Heat 5 (1:23 PM): Apostolos Christou
***Apostolos Christou will look to qualify for the semi-finals of the event with a top 16 finish in the heats. He will compete in Heat 5. 

Swimming – Men’s 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay, Heat 2 (2:02 PM): Greece
***Gkolomeev, Katranzis, Meladinis, and Dimitriou will look to qualify for the Event's Final round as they compete in heat 2. They will need a top 8 finish from the 16 teams competing in the heats.

Gymnastics – Women's Beam, Qualifying Group 4 (4:30 PM): Vasiliki Millousi
***Vasiliki Millousi will compete in the 4th Qualifying group and will look for a score that will send her the Final Round of the event. She will need to finish in the top 8 to qualify. 

 Table Tennis - Men’s Singles, Round 3 (7:00 PM): ***Panagiotis Gionis***
***If Panagiotis Gionis defeats Padasak Tanviriyavechakul from Thailand in the second round he will play Jun Mizutani from Japan in Round 3.

Swimming – Men’s 100m Backstroke, Semi-Finals (10:12 PM): **Apostolos Christou**
***If Apostolos Christou finishes in the Top 16 from the heats he will compete in the Semi-finals of the Event. Eight of the 16 athletes in the semi-finals will qualify for the event's Final Round.

Swimming – Men’s 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay, FINAL (10:52 PM): **Greece**
***If Gkolomeev, Katranzis, Meladinis, and Dimitriou qualify from the heat rounds they will compete in the Final (Medal) Round amongst 7 other teams with hopes for a good ranking.

*Please note that Heats are considered qualifying rounds while FINAL rounds are the “medal” rounds.


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