Stefanidis...Made of DIAMOND!

- Stefanidis...Made of DIAMOND! -

Katerina Stefanidis has done it again...after winning the GOLD medal in the Women’s Pole Vault at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Stefanidis has won this year’s Diamond League!

The Diamond League consists of 14 meetings within a year for Track & Field athletes across the world. Athletes are awarded points based on their final rank at each meeting (1st-6th) and the points are doubled in the final meeting.

Katerina Stefanidis finished in 2nd place in the Diamond League’s final meeting in Brussels with a jump registered at 4.76 meters. Despite finishing behind Sandy Morris (had a tremendous jump of 5.00 meters), Stefanidis was crowned this year’s Diamond champion after racking up 62 points over the course of 14-meetings. Before today’s event, Stefanidis had won 4 of the 14 meetings over the year and had clinched first place before today’s competition.

Sandy Morris finished in 2nd place overall (1st in the final meeting) behind Stefanidis with 30 points. The two athletes also battled it out in Rio where Stefanidis once again prevailed with the gold medal while Sandy Morris earned the silver medal.

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