Sto Kalo…

- Sto Kalo… -

As expected, the President of the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO), Giorgos Girtzikis, has officially resigned! Along with Girtzikis, 5 other members of EPO’s Executive Committee resigned from their positions.

The people that have been facing scandals, corruption, and ultimately poisoning Greek soccer (on all levels) over the years have finally stepped down from their positions. The six members that announced their resignation were forced out due to their involvement in the “Health Cards” scandal (involves €29 Million) and will face felony charges. 

The members on the Executive Committee of EPO facing felony charges were ordered by the Appeals Council to resign from their positions within 15 days, which ended today. On Thursday, Vaggelis Topaliotis, Vaggelis Mazarakis, Giorgos Karamelidis, Nikos Prountzos, and Yiannis Oikonomidis resigned from their positions in EPO. Today, the President Giorgos Girtzikis also announced his resignation. Michalis Tzanopoulos will be the interim president until the EPO elections in October.

The Deputy Minister of Athletics Stavros Kontonis (that is also backed by FIFA/UEFA), was pleased to hear that the members of EPO resigned. He stated “The previous system of corruption and injustice has been officially terminated and will not return ever again. We will not accept any more suspicious moves like those of the Hellenic Football Federation's administration towards their Disciplinary Committees and regular judges, because they are illegal and create many problems. Since last season, we are fighting against the corrupted system which was controlling Greek football and grew big because of Hellenic Football Federation's close relationship with certain political parties. We will continue fighting against injustice and not only in the world of football"

This is an end of an “era” for the six former high officials of EPO as they will not be allowed to run in the upcoming elections on October 29. Sto Kalo!

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