Greece Climbs 4 Places in FIFA Rank

- Greece Climbs 4 Places in FIFA Rank -

The Greek Soccer National Team rose 4 places in the FIFA Rankings and now sit in 48th place. 

Greece’s friendly win over the Netherlands was not only a confidence booster for the players, but gave the National Team important points in regards to the FIFA Rankings. The win bumped Greece 4 places to 48th place. The Galanolefki’s win over Gibraltar in qualifying did not give Greece additional points due to the fact that Gibraltar is a new FIFA member, receiving their first FIFA Ranking this month.

The rankings for Greece’s opponents in World Cup Qualifying are as follows: Belgium (2nd, no change), Bosnia-Herzegovina (23rd, +6 places), Cyprus (87th, -1 place), Estonia (130th, -13 places), and Gibraltar (205th, first ever FIFA ranking).

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