Duric Gives Greece the Advantage

- Duric Gives Greece the Advantage -


Ukraine 2 - 3 Greece
(19 - 25)
(27 - 29)
(26 - 24)
(25 - 23)
(11 - 15)

Led by the MVP of the match, Dimitris Duric, Greece defeated Ukraine 2-3 in the final game of the first qualifying tournament of EuroVolley 2017. The win gives Greece the advantage before the second and final qualifying tournament in one week's time. Greece went ahead 0-2 before Ukraine tied the match 2-2 and fortunately Greece prevailed in the tiebreaker set 11-15 to win the match 2-3.

In the first set, Ukraine took the early lead (17-13) as a late 0-6 run put Greece ahead 17-19. Greece did not give up their slight advantage and went on to win the first set 19-25.

The second set was even up until the final points with the scores at 22-22 before both teams wasted opportunities to win the set and the set progressed to 27-27. In their third set point at 27-28, Ukraine sent the ball out of bounds giving Greece the 0-2 lead in the match. 

With Greece ahead by 5 points mid-way through the third set 13-18, Ukraine made a late push to tie the game at 20-20. Greece was ahead once again at 22-23, but two Ukrainian points gave them the advantage at 24-23. Greece brought the scores level at 24-24 before Ukraine won the third set 26-24 with two consecutive points. 

A late 4-0 run in the fourth set gave Ukraine a 23-19 lead and Greece responded by coming within one point, 24-23. However, Ukraine won the final point of the set, sending the game to a fifth and final tie-breaker set.

With Greece giving up their clear 0-2 advantage, the National Team came out determined to win the match in the tiebreaker set. Greece took the early lead 4-7, then 6-9, and in the end Greece’s best player, Dimitris Duric, scored a total of 8 points in the set to give Greece the 11-15 victory and 2-3 match win.

This is Greece’s second win of the tournament after defeating Moldova yesterday. Today’s result gives Greece the advantage ahead of Ukraine for second place in the pool, which leads to a playoff spot. The second and final qualifying tournament will be held in one week’s time in Belgium. Although Greece gave up the opportunity to win the match with a “clean” score (0-3 or 1-3 which gives the winner 3 points instead of 2 points for a victory) Greece will be happy with today’s results as they look to build on this performance. 

Image Source: sportfm.gr
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