Antetokounmpo: “No, I Won’t Sign on Our Flag”

-- Antetokounmpo: “No, I Won’t Sign on Our Flag” --

Antetokounmpo showed us once against how much he loves his country and how he respects Greece’s national symbol, the Greek flag.

After hitting the game winning jump shot at the buzzer against the Knicks, Giannis Antetokounmpo met with the many Greek fans that came to support him in New York. Once the Greek fans saw the young NBA Star they chanted his name and asked for his autograph.

Antetokounmpo only rejected one fan who held a Greek flag and requested Giannis’ autograph on the flag. Antetokounmpo respectively said “No, I won’t sign on our flag”, showing once again his love and respect for his country. A class act to say the least... 

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