Sky Sports Panel Ridicules Greek Superleague

-- Sky Sports Panel Ridicules Greek Superleague --

While discussing the hiring of former Olympiacos coach Marco Silva at Hull City, the Sky Sports panel (mainly Paul Merson) ridiculed the Greek Superleague.

Paul Merson wasted no time in criticizing Hull City’s decision to sign former Olympiacos coach, Marco Silva, as their new manager. The announcer disagreed with the club’s decision stating that an English coach would have been a much better choice.

While stating his frustration with Hull’s decision, Merson ridiculed the Greek Superleague on two occasions, degrading Silva’s time at Olympiacos where he won the league title last season. Merson stated “I could win the league with Olympiacos, no joke. They have won it 107 times in 106 years.”

Later on in the discussion, Jeff Stelling mentioned that Silva won 17 straight games at Olympiacos, an amazing accomplishment regardless of the league’s difficulty. Merson disagreed once again and said “You should take into account the quality of the league. Ask people, that can happen at Olympiacos...That can happen.” He went on to say “You couldn't tell me who Olympiacos are playing in two months time, because they don't do the fixtures. They do the fixtures a month at a time, that is how bad it is.”


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