Panathinaikos Cleaning Up Their Roster

-- Panathinaikos Cleaning Up Their Roster --

New technical director of Panathinaikos, Nikos Lymberopoulos, has begun the “cleaning out” process in the Panathinaikos roster. Ledesma and Samba have already been released from the club while Ivanov and Ibarbo are likely to follow.

Nikos Lymperopoulos and coach Marinos Ouzounidis have made it a priority on their agendas to “clean up” the Panathinaikos roster starting the 2017 year. Christian Ledesma was the first player to be released earlier this month while Christopher Samba’s contract was officially discontinued on Friday.

Two more players are likely to be released in the coming days including Ivan Ivanov and Victor Ibarbo. Ivanov has been more of a liability rather than an asset to the Panathinaikos backline and is expected to continue his career in Russia or Cyprus (APOEL).

Victor Ibarbo and Panathinaikos are currently in negotiations to break their contract as Ibarbo looks to continue his career elsewhere which in return will free up a “foreign” spot on the Trifylli’s roster.

Source: sportfm.gr
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