Manolo Jimenez...15-0

-- Manolo Jimenez...15-0 --

Manolo Jimenez took over AEK in mid-January and AEK's numbers have been astonishing since the managerial switch.

Manolo Jimenez has quickly made an impact at AEK since taking over on January 19th for Jose Morais. Under Jimenez, AEK have played five matches recording four wins and no draws. They include Veria (6-0), Levadiakos (6-0, 0-1), Asteras Tripolis (2-0), and Xanthi (0-0). AEK have yet to concede a goal since the managerial switch while having scored 15 goals, making for a run of 15-0!

Also, in three weeks Jimenez has already surpassed Jose Morais' numbers, who coached AEK for most of the first half of the season. Under Morais' management, the club recorded 3 wins, 8 draws, and 3 losses in 14 games (21 goals scored and 13 conceded). Jimenez has already recorded one more win (4 wins) compared to Morais in just three weeks.

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